Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service to Santa Catalina

We are happy to provide shuttle services from the Hibiscus Garden to Santa Catalina for you.

Just a small explanation therefor:

Each shuttle service we have to drive more than 40 kilometers ( 2 times to Santa Catalina, 10 kilometers each and 2 times from Santa Catalina to the hotel, again 10 kilometers each) because we bring you there and then get you back. That means the car driver needs around 15 minutes each trip, so 1 hour pure driving time. Most of the times we have to wait for our guests for example when they come from a boat trip from Coiba, so that adds up the time we are on our way.

Shuttle prices to Santa Catalina

• Private shuttle (1 person) 1 way: $10.00 – round trip: $13
• Shared shuttle (2 or more persons) 1 way: $5.00 – round trip: $6.50

Please let us know as soon as possible when you need a shuttle.
Please arrange your pick up time & place in Santa Catalina before you leave with the driver.
Since we have only one shuttle car we would like to use it as eco-friendly as possible. Help us and the environment; please share rides with other guests.
Therefor we hope you understand that we cannot always offer a ride at whatever time you wish.

We offer shuttles to Santa Catalina  from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.
If you need a ride outside these hours, there are taxis available in the area.