The Hibiscus Garden Team

The heart of the Hotel Hibiscus Garden (although mainly working in the background) is made of the German Höllerer Family:
Hedwig, Mick, Carlotta, Lucia and Diego.

Our managers , our panamanian employees, the volunteers (if any) and the restaurant team are completing the Hibiscus Team.
We hope to make your stay in our Hotel as comfortable as possible!
If you need anything or have questions please do not hesitate to come to one of our Hibiscus Team members.

The gardener and shuttle driver Alejo is working for the nice ambiente, the cleaning ladies Tilcia and Xiomara do their best to make you feel like home!
Maybe this is important information for you:
Also Reggae the parrot, the cats Peterle, Linus and our dog Panther are part of the Hibiscus family!