Coiba National Park

Visit the Coiba Island National Park

Enjoy a trip to National Park Isla Coiba. Located in the Gulf of Chiriquí, approximately 30 miles off Panama’s Pacific coast, National Park Isla Coiba consists of a group of 38 islands including Coiba Island and the waters surrounding them and covers 430,825 acres. 

Identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2005, Coiba National Park offers a great ecological and marine diversity. 

White sand beaches, hardwood tropical forests and wildlife found nowhere else in the world make these islands breath taking.

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Isla Coiba is the largest island of Coiba National Park, consisting of 50,314 hectares of mostly virgin tropical rainforest.
Bird watchers can find 97 of the 147 species of Panamanian birds and the Coiba National Park is a refuge for Crested Eagles, Scarlet Macaws and Mantled Howler Monkeys.
The beaches and waters around Coiba Island offer shelter to four turtle species: the Leatherback, the Hawksbill, the Olive and the Loggerhead.

Other local species include the Coiba Island Agouti (Dasyproctae coibae) an opossum and a white-tailed deer.

Scuba diving and snorkeling offers views of huge schools of large fish, varieties of rays, sharks, sailfish and marlin are possible.

On the surface, spinner dolphins, orca, humpback, pilot whales and feeding yellow fin tuna may delight the visiting boat.

Keep an eye open for the whale sharks if you are here at the right season!