Surfing in Santa Catalina

The “Point”/ La “Punta”

If you are a beginner or a professional, there is something for you.

General Info:

Please take care going in and out of the water, no matter to what wave you go (except the beach break). The reef itself is not very sharp, but sometimes slippery. When you slip into one of the small shells that are living on the rocks, you easily can cut your feet. There are nearly no sea urchins around. Sometimes small tentacles of jellyfish are floating around. This is called “agua mala” (bad water), itches but is not harmful, if you are not allergic.

Please take off rings and other jewellery, bigger fish love to bite into shiny things! Do not underestimate the sun, even when it is overcast, you can get sunburnt very fast.

The waves in Santa Catalina:

La Punta

The world famous point break right in front of Santa Catalina town, an incredible, long and powerful right, working with any swell from 3 to 30ft, and a somewhat shorter left that needs a little more than 3 ft to be fun. This wave is only recommendable for good surfers or at least advanced beginners, since it is often crowded and as soon as it gets bigger is not forgiving anymore. If you do not feel really comfortable on your board, better have a few more practice sessions on the beach.

The point wave is only surfable during the high tide hours. A save window is from incoming mid tide till outgoing mid tide. Everything else can be hollow and a lot of fun, but rocky!!!! Take care of you and your board.

Punta Tortuga

Only 50 meters to the left of the Point wave, there is the shorter right of Punta Tortuga.When the point wave is too crowded, this is the place to go and have fun. Needs swells from 5 ft up. Surfable at the same tide as the point. Make sure to pull out not too late to avoid getting smashed on the rocks.Open your eyes waiting for the waves, for sure you gonna see some turtles!

Punta Brava

Punta Brava is an hour walk from Estero beach in Santa Catalina or a 30 min boat ride from the Hibiscus Garden.

It is never crowded, but needs good conditions ( pretty strong offshore) to work well. Only works with minimum swells (2ft – max.4ft), as soon as it gets bigger, the whole bay tends to close out. Pretty tricky to enter from the beach, best to go with a guide or someone who has been there before. Only surfable during the low tide hours.

Punta Roca

Punta Roca is a 45 min walk from town beach in Santa Catalina. Pretty short, very tuby left, nearly always uncrowded.

Only surfable and accessable during the low tide hours, make sure to leave in time to not get caught in the bay by the incoming tide.

Beach break

Perfect for beginners and advanced surfers, works with any tide and swell. There is only rocks in the middle of the beach, so if you stay in front of the Oasis surf camp you are on the save side. The further to the right you go, the closer you come to the rocks where pretty often a nice left is forming.


SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Boarding at the Hibiscus Garden


Explore the river and the mangroves, paddle out to “La Punta del Terror” and surf back with the gentle swells.

SUP boarding is great fun for all the family and a great workout too.

SUP Board Rental Costs:

  • $22.50 up to two hours
  • $30.00 whole day (up to 4 hours)

The rental fee includes a stand up paddle board and a short introduction into this amazing sport.

For one person a guide/companion is available for the above mentioned prices.

SUP boarding is only available at high tide.

Terms and Contidions:

  • Passport as deposit is mandatory
  • Guests are responsible for the boards and paddles; any loss or damages will have to be paid for